Past Hurricanes

A visitor to the site inquired about an archive of HWISI for past hurricanes. I created this page in answer to that request. The first table contains the maximum HWISI for selected hurricanes. The maximum HWISI of the selected hurricanes was 72.3 which occurred in Hurricane Katrina when it was over the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. The second highest maximum HWISI was 69.2 which occurred in Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Most of the hurricanes in the table were over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Patricia is also included in the first table. Patricia was a very intense hurricane over the Eastern North Pacific Ocean in 2015. The maximum HWISI for Hurricane Patricia was 68.3. Hurricane Rita which occurred in 2005 had the fourth highest HWISI of 67.6. Hurricane Sandy which prompted me to develop HWISI after it hit the eastern U.S. in 2012 is the largest hurricane in the table. The maximum HWISI for Hurricane Sandy was 62.8. A table of maximum HWISI for selected hurricanes is available. A table of the HWISI at landfall is also available.