Celia Strengthens Back to a Tropical Storm

One time Tropical Storm Celia strengthened back to a tropical storm over the Eastern North Pacific Ocean south of Mexico on Tuesday morning. At 11:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday the center of Tropical Storm Celia was located at latitude 11.6°N and longitude 99.5°W which put it about 365 miles (590 km) south of Acapulco, Mexico. Celia was moving toward the west at 12 m.p.h. (19 km/h). The maximum sustained wind speed was 40 m.p.h. (65 km/h) and and there were wind gusts to 50 m.p.h. (80 km/h). The minimum surface pressure was 1005 mb.

After passing south of Guatemala during the weekend as a weak tropical depression, former Tropical Storm Celia strengthened back to a tropical storm on Tuesday morning. Winds to tropical storm force extended out 60 miles in the northern half of Tropical Storm Celia. Winds in the southern half of Celia were blowing at less than tropical storm force. The circulation around Tropical Storm Celia continued to be poorly organized. The strongest thunderstorms were occurring in bands located west of the center of Celia’s circulation. Bands in the eastern half of the circulation consisted primarily of showers and lower clouds. An upper level ridge over southern Mexico was producing moderate easterly winds that were blowing across the top of Celia’s circulation. Those winds cause moderate vertical wind shear and the wind shear was causing the asymmetrical distribution of thunderstorms.

Tropical Storm Celia will move through an environment that will be only marginally favorable for intensification during the next 24 hours. Celia will move over water where the Sea Surface Temperatures are near 29˚C. However, the upper level ridge over southern Mexico will continue to cause moderate vertical wind shear. The wind shear will inhibit intensification during the next day or so. Tropical Storm Celia will move into an area where the upper level winds are weaker later this week. That will cause the vertical wind shear to diminish. Tropical Storm Celia is likely to intensify when the shear diminishes. Celia could strengthen to a hurricane by the end of the week.

Tropical Storm Celia will move south of a high pressure system over Mexico during the next 48 hours. The high pressure system will steer Celia toward the west-northwest. On its anticipated track Tropical Storm Celia will move parallel to the coast of southwest Mexico.

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